SUV slams into office of Allentown apartment complex

ALLENTOWN, Pa. – “Just debris everywhere. Looked like someone had taken entire contents of a desk and dumped it all over the floor,” Katherine Zaffiri said. 

The Westmont Apartment complex resident had the perfect view of the Lexus SUV as it rammed into the apartments around 11:45 a.m. Wednesday. 

“I looked over and saw the car just ramming forward, it sounded like a dump truck. I heard screams,” she said. 

Police say a woman working inside was pinned under a desk. However, officials say she is OK and was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

According to police, the elderly driver is the owner of the complex and mixed up the gas and break pedals. He too is OK and was seen surveying the damage. 

For Zaffiri, who recently moved in from Florida, it was reality TV that hit close to home. 

“One of those things you hear about on the news but you’re never going to think you will see it in person,” she said. 

Police say the driver will undergo a driving competency test. At this time, officials are still figuring out if there will be any charges. 

This article originally appeared here via Google News