2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid Shown In Police Car Guise – HybridCars.com

Ford will invest heavily in electrification in an effort to make its lineup of crossovers, SUVs, and trucks more fuel efficient. And we have our first look at one of many electrified SUVs forthcoming.

On Tuesday, Ford teased the 2020 Explorer Hybrid. However, it’s not the SUV consumers will have the chance to purchase new, but the Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility. The automaker teased the Explorer Hybrid in cop car-guise first, confirming police fleets will have the chance to add the hybridized SUV to their ranks. In fact, the police vehicle will come standard with the hybrid powertrain.

Ford did provide specifications on the hybrid powertrain but did say it will manage 24 mpg combined in Police Interceptor Utility trimmings. For numbers junkies, it’s a 40 percent improvement over the current Explorer police vehicle.

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Importantly, the hybrid powertrain will not compromise interior space for officers, per Ford, and all-wheel drive (not four-wheel drive) will be standard.

From the teaser photo provided, the overall shape of the Explorer Hybrid looks strikingly similar to the current model. The headlights do appear sleeker, but the taillights look pretty close to the production units found on Explorers sitting at dealerships today. The shape is somewhat shocking since Ford will reportedly move the 2020 Explorer to a new rear-wheel-drive based platform.

Look for the 2020 Explorer and Explorer Hybrid to arrive next year. In the meantime, prepare to memorize a new set of headlights in the rearview mirror.

This article originally appeared here via Google News