What’s the fastest Ferrari to lap Fiorano?

“Man this thing is fast.” So reported TG’s Paul Horrell after a first test of Ferrari’s newest track-based nutjob, the 488 Pista. “It just catapults itself to the first bend. But equally amazing is the way it gathers speed from deep into three figures. Ask for acceleration and the Pista seems instantly to calculate then execute your required position in space like a video game. You are here – zap – now you’re there. Where’s the inertia?

“Gather your thoughts and, yes, events are actually unfolding, The engine’s revving, the shift lights flare up, there’s absolutely no tail-off of power as it hits the red-line, the gearbox grabs new cogs faster than any Ferrari transmission has done before.

“And all the while you’re washed, as promised, in an epic noise: sharp, penetrating, pure…”

But just how fast is it around Ferrari’s private Fiorano test track? Time to find out. We’ve rounded up the fastest Ferraris to lap Fiorano, taking in lots of rather special stuff including such hits as the Enzo, F430 and even the Testarossa…

This article originally appeared here via Google News